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ACCHL Makes History with ACHA Rankings

11/30/2017, 5:00am EST
By Sheriff

Four ACC Hockey Teams Ranked in Top 20!

ACC Hockey made history in the 22nd Season as four ACC Teams are ranked in the top 20 ACHA Southeastern Teams.  The team rankings, which are published each Wednesday in November through the end of the season are as follows: 

#16 George Washington University

#17 University of Virginia

#18 Virginia Tech University

#19 NC State University.

Computer Rankings were introduced to ACHA M2 in the 2016-2017 Season by then ACHA Executive Director and ACCHL Commissioner, Mike Walley and Jay Peacock, ACHA M2 Commissioner.

Previous top ACHA Computer rankings of ACC Hockey Teams:

# 8 NC State University (9 November, 2016)

#14 Wake Forest University (9 November, 2016)

#18 University of Virginia (9 November, 2016)

Pre-computer Ranking Highlights:

Virginia Tech was selected to 6 Regional Tournaments (2011-2016) and 1 National Tournament (2011 - Top 16 ACHA Teams in the Nation).

University of Virginia was selected to 1 Regional Tournament (2017) and 1 National Tournament (1996).

George Washington University was selected to 1 Regional Tournament (2016).


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