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ACC Hockey Adds New Member

03/27/2018, 4:45pm EDT
By Sheriff

West Virginia University

West Virginia has been accepted as a member into the ACC Hockey League and will compete in the Central Division for the 2018-2019 season. 


Mountaineer Ice Hockey was founded in 1968, competing in the ACHA M1 College Hockey Mid-America Conference for many years and more recently establishing an independent ACHA M3 team.  West Virginia has been well organized throughout it's long and storied history competing at the highest levels of the ACHA.  With the maturity and popularity of the Mountaineer hockey program, West Virginia decided to expand by adding a second team participating in ACHA M3.  Last season, the Mountaineers second team moved up to ACHA M2 as an independent and scheduled several ACC teams.  The Mountaineers proved to be tightly organized, competitive, traveled with a deep bench, and were well coached.  

The Mountaineers are a welcome member into the ACCHL and look forward to seeing them compete within our league.  Their division rivals within the ACC will be Virginia, Virginia Tech, and James Madison. 

Congratulations to West Virginia and all the past student-athletes who laid the foundation to lead to this growth in the Mountaineers program!

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